Tuesday, June 7, 2011

QuickBooks Payroll Service Alert - endless reminders

The Problem
I do manual payroll... no service... no tax table download... all manual (I created a little Access application to help with the calculations). Anyway, after upgrading to QuickBooks Pro 2011 from my old QB Pro 2006, every time I went to Pay Employees, I got this annoying dialog. If I clicked Remind Me Later, it went away and let me do the payroll but it just came back again the next time. I could not figure out how to make it go away permanently.

I had to call Intuit anyway to register the product (dumb that you have to do that) and it took about 30 minutes and about 5 transfers but they helped me get rid of the pop-up. The problem was that way back in 2006 when I originally purchased Pro 2006, apparently I had signed up for the service for 2 days (a trial?) but ended up doing it manually. Well, the company file remembered that I had service and when I upgraded to 2011, it could not comprehend that perhaps I had been doing it manually for the last 5 years and so it figured I needed to reactivate, verify or be reminded endlessly.

The solution
It is pretty easy once you know what to do. Go to Help>QuickBooks Help. Do a search for 'manual payroll', somewhere in the one of the first articles will be a link titled manual payroll calculations. Follow the directions (just a couple clicks) and voilĂ ! You should get the following:

There is probably a more direct way to get to that option but I do not know where it is. If you do, please comment and I will update the post. Have fun doing your payroll manually! I know I do.


JC said...

I have 2003 Quickbooks and it doesn't have the manual payroll option inthe help menu. Do you know where I can change it in the 2003 version?

Kyle White said...

Sorry JC. My first experience with QB was with 2006. I don't know anything about older versions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks it work!

Unknown said...

Don't want to post how I did this because I'm sure Intuit will find a way to block users from doing this. I would also be interested in knowing what your access application does. I would definitely consider making one myself.

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business payroll services said...

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