Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Error 0xc0000409 on Windows 11 Update 22H2

Just a quick post here because all the Microsoft threads relating to this error were unhelpful to me and also locked so I could not respond.

I got this error while trying to upgrade my Win10 machine to Windows 11. I tried every solution I could find on the web including:
  • Making sure my machine was up to snuff (PC Health check said was good to go)
  • Performed all Windows 10 updates
  • Removed unnecessary hardware
  • Removed the one and only yellow triangle from device manager... it was something to do with Hyper-V which I am not using.
  • Removed unneeded print drivers

I looked through some log files in C:\Windows\Log\MoSetup and saw some entries in some xml files about files belonging to an old user profile. This particular machine has been around for a while and I've added/removed users including one that was attached to a domain for a while (Windows 10 Pro). So, I cleaned up those files (in C:\Users\<username>) and followed the directions in this post: https://www.alphr.com/delete-user-profile-windows-10/ to remove the profile. I had to reboot to finish clearing out the files because some of them (ntuser.dat) were connected to the registry. After removing the registry entries and rebooting, I was able to delete the files.
After all that, I tried the upgrade again (using Windows Installation Assistant), let it run overnight and in the morning I was on Windows 11, yay!

Unrelated but I want to keep somewhere

While my desktop machine booted to Windows 11, the ethernet connection wouldn't stay up for more than a minute or so... making it difficult to fix by using Windows Update. I fixed it by changing the driver on the Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller from the Microsoft driver to the Realtek driver in Device Manager.

Other small issues with Windows 11

I have 3 monitors. I often use the calendar pop-up (by clicking on the time in the taskbar) and I don't always do it from the same monitor. Apparently, that's not supported anymore. You only get the calendar pop-up (along with notifications) by clicking on the taskbar clock on the PRIMARY monitor. 

3/5/2024 My ancient version of MS Office (Pro 2013) required activation (again). This time, however, the online activation failed and the telephone option stated that the product no longer supports telephone activation. I found a phone number, however (800-642-7676), and called it. The robot lady walked me through speaking all the codes, then receiving the new codes and it got activated again, whew! She said to save the codes as they can be used again. We'll see.

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